Butter Coffee

Butter Coffee

Provided by Chester Wong from Fuel + in Toronto



1 tablespoon unsalted Grass fed Butter (preferably organic)

1 tablespoon of 100% MCT Oil

8oz of hot filtered water

2 Tablespoon of Organic Fair Trade Coffee


Equipment needed:

French Press

BPA Free Blender



1. Put ground coffee into the French Press

2. Pour filtered HOT (not boiling) water into the French Press

3. Slowly press down for extraction

4. Carefully pour the hot coffee into the blender

5. Add MCT Oil & Grass Fed Butter

6. Blend for 15 seconds on medium setting

7. Pour and Serve


This version is vegetarian. If you would like a vegan version, replace the Butter with Coconut Oil (Organic, cold-pressed, fair trade).


If you'd like to know more about Fuel + in Toronto please visit http://fuelplus.ca/#eatclean


Fuel + have made several videos explaining the Butter Coffee making process and also the science behind the ingredients. Here they are;






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